9mobile/DAP is a telecommunication Industry which Specializes in distributing their products and services.

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Sales and Activation of SIM cards

E-Top Up

Mobile Number Portability

Data Bundles

More Business 1.0 / 2.0

Transfer of Funds

Payment of Bills/Shopping

Car Tracking

Offers Schorlarship Abroad

More Business 1.0

A cost effective package designed to cater for the needs of small and medium enterprises. It offers the Closed User Group (CUG) feature which gives employers and emloyees belonging to same group free talk time/sms for a monthly access fee.

There are three categories or plans:

COMPACT (NGN500 - 500 CUG minutes of calls and SMS)

COMPLETE (NGN1000 - 500 CUG minutes of calls, 50 SMS and 100MB)

PREMIUM (NGN1000 -2500 CUG minutes, 100 SMS)


More Business 2.0

This enables you enjoy low call rates at 11k/sec or 6.6k/min to all networks in Nigeria.

There are two variants:

Staff Bundles

Executive Bundles

Voice: 150 minutes and 5 SMS

Data: 750 MB, 70 minutes and 20 SMS


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